nausheen ishtiaq-chen

Directorial and Cinematography Reel:

Past projects which I have directed, filmed and/or edited: including documentaries, corporate films and short dramatic films.

7000 Miles: Documentary about Karachi, Pakistan and NYC

HD. 90″.

Promo Video for Cannice

HD. Director, Cinematographer.

Encounter Edinburgh: A Seminar

HD. Director, Cinematographer, Editor

Designer’s UK Travel Sharing

HD. Director, Cinematographer, Editor

A Spring Morning
HD. 4:38.
Director, Cinematographer.

Jewish Flag Burning Ceremony
Documentary Short. HD. 2:34.
Cinematographer, Editor.

Expats Express Informational Expert Videos

Cinematographer, Editor, Sound

Narrative. 16mm. 3:21
Cinematographer, Director.

Interview with Quinton Loder
Documentary Interview. HD. 4:46.
Director, Editor.

In Animate
Narrative. HD. 5:22.
Director, Cinematographer, Editor.

Failed Experiment
Narrative. HD. 3:27.





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