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About Me

I’m Nausheen, a filmmaker, producer, community mobiliser, photographer, trainer and improv artist from Pakistan. There was a time when I thought I’d be in the corporate world forever, but after five years of working in mercenary merciless marketing and PR, I managed to break free. I celebrated with a tattoo, a trip to Nepal and driving across the country making very amateur films with shifty cameras and problematic sound. I created a community for actors, improv artists and stand-up comedians in Pakistan, and did a few improv shows around town. Somehow we ended up on TV doing all kinds of cheesy comedy. I also did an adult comedy stand-up show, with a few jokes that most Pakistani men had never heard a woman make.

I moved to New York City on a Fulbright scholarship, and just graduated from my Masters program at The New School for Media Studies, focusing on film and documentary production. I’ve directed, photographed and produced several short films in NYC, edited several short educational videos, and worked on post production on a feature length documentary.

I’m currently working on a feature length documentary film about everyday life in Karachi and New York City: 7000 Miles.

What can I do for you?

I have 5 years of corporate management, project management and trainer experience. That translates to creating amazing team dynamics on the film set, achieving organisation and coordination in video production, and being able to lead a crew of 2 or 20 with confidence and purpose. I can be your one woman production team, or guide your team through the complex pre-production and production process.

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