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7000 Miles the film: Looking for diverse participants!

When I was talking to a friend about the 7000 Miles project, he made a comment that struck a chord: “You would expect a 30-something student to have access and film a certain type of people, from a specific income group and background”. I realised that so far, I had relied on my own network of friends and acquaintances to gain subjects, or tapped into the usual avenues that I use for my everyday life. But this was seriously limiting the project. I’d automatically been excluding people who I may never have contact with but who would add great value and depth to the film.


So I’m embarking on a quest to find a diverse range of people, from different backgrounds, cultures, lifestyles. It’s going to be tough getting access to, and convincing these people to be a part of the film, but I’m going to sure as hell try.


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